TradeStation Backtesting & Strategy Development

Will your trading strategy still work next month?

If you know that your trading idea has worked well in the past, then there’s a much stronger chance that it will continue to work well in the future.

We believe that thorough testing of a trading system, with a full awareness of the pitfalls of statistical inference and over-optimisation, is the best way to achieve consistent trading performance. Statistical inference from ‘exotic’ data of the kind produced by the financial markets requires specialist skills and programming expertise.

We are now able to provide a full TradeStation Backtesting and Strategy Development Service, with a simple fixed rate fee of $239. This service includes:

  • A signed confidentiality agreement confirming that we will not share your strategy or trading concept with others.
  • Full TradeStation performance reports for your strategy across 5 markets of your choice, with testing of up to 3 timeframes in each.
  • Full reports showing the optimisation results for each individual variable in your strategy, across the 5 markets and 3 timeframes specified.
  • A detailed written report from our system developer, in which he will share his thoughts on your strategy, drawing attention to potential weaknesses and pitfalls for live trading, commenting on the robustness of the system’s performance, and providing pointers for ways in which its potential for profit might be improved.
  • An optional ‘cooling off’ period in which you can take the time to think over your strategy’s performance and request changes and improvements.
  • Your final strategy coded into EasyLanguage for TradeStation. This will be provided to you as a .ELD document and as a plain .TXT file.

TradeStation Backtesting & Strategy Development Service


Download: Strategy Testing and Development Order Form