TradeStation Programming Service for Indicators & Studies

Ready to turn your trading ideas into professional indicators?

We are pleased to be able to offer a professional TradeStation Programming Service enabling you to realise your market analysis ideas as fully functional TradeStation indicators. To keep things simple, we operate a fixed rate fee of $169 for all work undertaken. This service includes:

  • A signed confidentiality agreement confirming that we will not share your indicator concept with others.
  • Full control over how you wish the indicator to display visually on your charts.
  • Expert advice on how to make your indicator suitable for the specific trading task that you have in mind.
  • The opportunity to approve beta versions of your indicator to ensure it meets your specification.
  • A finalised EasyLanguage indicator coded to your specification. This is provided as a TradeStation ready .ELD file and as a .TXT file.
  • The option to have the indicator ‘locked’, with a password of your choice, enabling you to share it with others without revealing the source code.

Tradestation Programming Service for Indicators & Studies


Download: TradeStation Programming Service Order Form

Why Choose TradeStation for Programming Your Ideas?

There are now a great many trading platforms out there to choose between, so if you’re considering hiring a programmer to transform your analysis ideas into profitable trading tools, why choose TradeStation?

Here are five of the reasons why we think that having your tools coded for the TradeStation platform represents a sound investment . . .

#1 Designed by Traders Not for Brokers

Unlike most other platforms, TradeStation began life purely as a charting and analysis package, and to this day this is where its main strength lies. Although the facility for brokerage was later added, development has continued to focuse on the platform, and it has become the industry leading charting application, widely used by both independent traders and professional money managers alike.

#2 A Versatile Range of Applications

With some coding expertise, there’s very little that can’t be achieved within TradeStation. As long as your strategy or idea can be reduced to a set of objective rules, then an experienced programmer will be able to provide the code to make it happen. From multi-timeframe and inter-market analysis to intelligent order routing and neural networks, TradeStation has the structural capability to handle your requirements.

#3 Compatable with Numerous Other Platforms

All programming for TradeStation is done using a specialist dialect of the Pascal computer language, called EasyLanguage. This language is widely used and can be exported into a number of other platforms including MultiCharts and ProTrader. If at a future time you want another developer to make changes to your indicator’s code, finding a programmer who can understand EasyLanguage should be straightforward.

#4 Accessible and Easily Modifiable Code

EasyLanguage was designed, as its name implies, to be easy to understand. Although professional programmers often write on a concise format, EasyLanguage can accept instructions written in a form of simple English. For example, the following instruction would be understood by the platform:

if the high crosses over the high of 1 day ago then sell short 100 shares next bar at market;

This means that if in the future you decide to learn some programming yourself, you should find it easy to make minor changes to your code, changing one term for another. At your request we can annotate every single line of code we provide with a simple explanation of what it does.

#5 A Variety of Formats to Present Your Analysis

Unlike many platforms, TradeStation is not just restricted to charting. It enables you to interrogate and present data in a variety of different formats, such as the Scanner which allows you to comb through the whole universe of markets to identify those that meet your criteria, or the RadarScreen in which you can compile a custom list of markets along with specific data or indicators.